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Total Urgent Care and Walk In Clinic | Located in Historic Downtown Imlay City

Introducing Total Urgent Care, your destination for immediate medical care. With our comprehensive range of urgent and walk-in services, we put your health and wellbeing first. Whether you need urgent medical attention or just a necessary check-up, our dedicated team of experienced professionals are here to give gamblers the care they deserve. In the world of digital entertainment, Top Pay by Phone Casinos choose one of these, offer a convenient and secure payment method and allow you to enjoy seamless gaming without the hassle of traditional payment methods. By enabling transactions through your mobile phone, you can easily deposit funds and transfer your winnings with just a few taps, just as fast as the services provided by Total Urgent Care. Explore a wide range of exciting games and take advantage of attractive bonuses while enjoying the convenience and security of paying by phone. Embark on your gambling adventure today and experience the excitement of Top Pay by Phone Casinos from the comfort of your home.

Now Open Seven Days a Week